10 Things to Do at Hotel Check-In and Check-Out

When we want to have a good travel experience, we generally focus on picking the right hotel. We read reviews, ask well-traveled friends for their recommendations, and search for photos online. However, you can really heighten the quality of your trip by doing a few things when you check in and out. These things are often supremely simple but can totally change your trip. Here are 10 things you should do when checking in and checking out to ensure the best travel experience possible. Continue reading “10 Things to Do at Hotel Check-In and Check-Out”

Flying Like a Pro

The days of luxurious airline travel may be over, but that doesn’t mean travelers must forfeit all comfort once they begin a trip. Having a pre-flight routine is crucial, as is keeping stress levels in check should the unexpected come up. Here are five ways to make a flight not only more comfortable, but easier on the bank account as well. Continue reading “Flying Like a Pro”