Staying healthy – what to expect when flying out of SLC

On arrival at the airport

Access is granted only to people with an airline ticket, airport badge or other recognized airport authorization.

One person can accompany a passenger to the airport if that individual requires assistance on arrival or departure.

In the airport

Increased sanitization and disinfection of high touch areas.

Installation of hand sanitizer stations. See map of stations.

Antiviral fogging in seating areas.

All restrooms have touchless fixtures.

Face coverings and social distancing must be practised at all times.

Flying with Delta

At the airport:

All Delta employees at the airport have their temperature checked and will be wearing face masks.

Passengers will be asked to confirm that they will wear a mask and have not been exposed to, diagnosed with or have been experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days.

Increased sanitization at check-in counters and baggage stations.

Floor decals to assist with social distancing.

To reduce touchpoints Delta crew members will not be able to assist with placing items in overhead storage units on the plane. Bear this in mind when packing your carry on bag.

You can install and use the Fly Delta app for a more touchless experience e.g. access your boarding pass on your own device.

face mask on plane

On the aircraft:

Face masks are required on the plane.

Onboard air is circulated every 2-6 minutes with outside air or via high-grade HEPA filters.

All aircraft are subject to electrostatic disinfectant spraying before every flight.

Middle seats are blocked and seating capacity reduced.

When deplaning cabin crew will stagger customer exit to prevent crowding.

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Flying Southwest

At the airport:

Hand sanitizer is provided at check-in kiosks.

All counters, gates and baggage areas are cleaned multiple times a day.

Floor markers and signage are installed in the airport to promote social distancing.

On the aircraft:

Face masks are required on the plane.

Boarding will take place in groups of 10.

Flights longer than 250 miles will have limited food and drink service. Customers are encouraged to bring their own non-alcoholic drinks.

In addition to rigorous pre-flight cleaning, aircraft are cleaned for more than 6 hours every night and hospital-grade disinfectant is now being used throughout the aircraft.

Industrial HEPA filters are used to circulate clean air throughout the cabin as well as mixing with fresh air from outside the aircraft.

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Flying American Airlines

At the airport:

Check-in agents are placed at alternating work stations to create more space.

All staff wear face coverings from check-in staff to aircraft crew.

Touchless check-in is available for Select U.S. travelers.

Advanced hand sanitizers are available at gates.

Boarding passes, mobile or printed, can be scanned to minimize touchpoint.

On the aircraft:

Face masks are required on the plane.

Food and drink service on board may be limited.

Enhanced sanitization and cleaning procedures are applied to all aircraft.

Hospital-grade HEPA filters are fitted on most aircraft.

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Flying Skywest or another airline?

Skywest partners with the Delta, United and other carriers so expect the same standard of care.

For all other airlines COVID-19 safety information and for further information and guidance on traveling via Salt Lake City Airport visit

Our response to the Coronavirus

The health and safety of our customers and our staff is always our number 1 concern at Park n’ Jet. We want all our stakeholders to know that we are taking measures to keep our parkers and our employees safe. 

We have the following procedures in place and will continue to review them:

    • We are running shuttles on-demand only
    • We are transporting family or small groups one at a time on the shuttles
    • We are sanitizing shuttles after each run to the airport (wiping down handrails etc)
    • Staff are wearing gloves and face masks
    • We continue to offer a free and flexible cancellation policy