What Time Should You Arrive at Salt Lake City Airport?

If you are flying out of Salt Lake City Airport it is important to know how early you need to be there. Traffic, security and baggage check-in all need to be factored in to your planning. If you arrive too late you risk missing your flight, if you get there too early you’re stuck hanging around with nothing to do until they call your flight. You should plan out your arrival time to get there at just the right time.

Figure out how long it will take to get to the Airport

It is a good idea to have a route planned out before heading to the airport. Google maps can show you the shortest route with the least amount of traffic for that time of day. There are similar apps that can do the same thing. This is really good if you are unfamiliar with the traffic habits of Salt Lake City.  If you are coming to one of the Park ‘n Jet lots you can find directions here.

If you are taking public transport to SLC, the UTA website offers a useful trip planner.

TSA wait times at Salt Lake City Airport

SLC has amongst the shortest TSA wait times in the country. It generally takes no longer than 5 to 20 minutes to get through the security checkpoint at the airport.  You can check the wait times on the TSA website, and view recent timings. If it’s considered a busy time like right before or during the holidays you can expect the wait times to be much longer so you should factor that into your plans.

Checking your bags at SLC

If you have bags to check you’ll want to look at the regulations on the airline website or check your email confirmations from your flight reservations. The baggage check for each airline may be different. Some will open four hours early for international flights and close 2 – 3 hours before departure.  Check with your airline to see what time they open and plan to arrive earlier than the stated time, it’s better to get there early than late.

How early to arrive at Salt Lake City Airport for domestic flights

In the TSA regulations all passengers are required to arrive two hours before their flight is scheduled to depart. During busy travel times you should arrive a little earlier due to more people in the terminal and an increased chance of delays.

How early to get to Salt Lake City Airport for international flights

The recommendations are a little different for international flights. TSA recommends being 3 hours early for all international flights. Again, schedule your arrival time based on all of these factors. Make sure to allow plenty of time to get to the airport, even with heavy morning traffic. It’s good to take your time and go slow in case of unexpected delays. Having those few extra minutes to collect your thoughts once you get there is invaluable.

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